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Due to a recent pause on all human subjects research at New York State Psychiatric Institute, we are not registering new subjects for the study at this time. We anticipate being back up and running soon, so please check back!

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Welcome! We are a group of Columbia University neuroscientists passionate about enabling creative and unconventional scientific research and helping everyone learn from psychology and neuroscience discoveries. We want to help you to use science to improve your life and give you opportunities to contribute to research. Our flagship service, just recently released, is a tool to help you upload a brain scan and get a beautiful, interactive, 3D visualization of your own brain. If you don’t have a brain scan, we’ll help you find a standalone imaging center where you can obtain one at an affordable rate or a research study you can participate in to get one for free. If you already have a brain scan, you can create an account, participate in our research study (about 10 minutes), and explore your brain with our 3D visualization tool. Below you can also leave your email for updates. But that's not all! We have a lot of ideas about where to go from here, and we want to know what’s important to you, so we’re opening the floor. Tell us what you think we should work on next, and if you like, sign up to get updates on our projects.

How-to videos

How to get started with MBaM

This two and half minute video walks you through the basic steps involved in completing our online study and creating your 3D brain visualization. Completing the study takes about 10 minutes if you have ready access to your scans on CD or USB drive. If your scans are in a patient portal, you will need to first download them to a folder in your computer.

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Spiro Pantazatos Presents 'My Brain and Me' at the 2019 NYC Media Lab Combine

In April, Spiro Pantazatos, PhD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurobiology in Psychiatry, presented his lab’s project, My Brain and Me, at the 2019 NYC Media Lab Combine (Demo Day). We spoke with Pantazatos about how he found his way to Columbia Psychiatry, his My Brain and Me project, and his experience at the NYC Media Lab Combine.

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My Brain and Me

We want to help you see yourself like never before, and in the process, move scientific research forward, enabling discovery that will ease the burden of physical and mental illness.

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Spiro Pantazatos, PhD

Founder and Team Lead

Mike Schmidt, PhD

Computational Neuroanatomy


Barsha Maharjan, MFA

UI/UX Design and Development

Research contributors and partners

Jeffrey Miller, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Columbia University Department of Psychiatry

Chris Stanley

Chief Security Information Officer, NYS Office of Information Technology

Amy Liu

Barnard College of Columbia University

Paula Wu

MS student in Biostatistics at Columbia University

Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR

Director of Research, Institute of Noetic Sciences

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