Frequently Asked Questions

The site creates and allows you to view and explore a 3D model of your brain. It labels the different parts, allowing you to learn neuroanatomy using your own brain.
The first step is to create an account using a valid email address and password. You will then be asked to fill out a basic user profile and study questionnaires. The questionnaires take about 10 minutes to complete. After the questionnaires, you will be asked to select a file or folder on your computer that contains your MRI scan. Our site will scan the folder to ensure it contains the type of files we can use to generate a 3D model of your brain. You will then be asked to confirm the scans before you upload them to our server.
Contact us with a brief description of your study or research idea. We will aim to get back to you promptly to arrange next steps. We use Just Another Tool for Online Studies (JATOS) to administer online studies. If you format your study so that it can be administered in JATOS, we can easily include it in our site.
By submitting your brain scan and completing surveys online, you are contributing to a unique resource for psychology and neuroscience researchers. No identifying information (i.e. email, birth date, full name if provided) will be shared. Only researchers affiliated with a recognized research institution and who sign a data usage agreement will be allowed access to the data you share.

That said, you have full control over your data. You have the option to delete your scan data from our servers with the click of a button, at any time. We do not sell your data or profit from it. If this situation changes, we will notify you by email.
We make a best effort to ensure that outsiders and other site participants are unable to view or access your data. The site is SSL-encrypted and uses session based authentication. Your data is stored in a password and firewall-protected database, on servers that adhere to high standards for privacy and data security and that are HIPAA compliant. Please see our consent form for participation in research for more information.
You will not derive any direct clinical benefit by participating in this study. This site is intended to be used only for research, recreational and educational purposes.
Development of the site has thus far been supported in part through an NIMH K01 career development and training award (PI: Spiro Pantazatos) and by NYC Media Lab. The funders had no role in the design, conception and decision to publish the site.
We would greatly appreciate your suggestions and ideas. Please contact us if would like to consider collaborating on the project. Please include a brief description of your idea, relevant experience and/or interests. We will aim to get back to you promptly.
Most large universities and research centers have ongoing studies involving brain imaging and that are actively recruiting volunteers. If you live near one, we recommend contacting the psychology, neuroscience or psychiatry department to learn about research volunteer opportunities. Please also see our list of MRI research studies for various regions and cities. We are updating the list on a regular basis. Please contact us if your area or city is not listed. If you do participate in a study, you can request your brain scan on a CD or USB drive for free. There may also be a standalone imaging center near you where you can get a brain MRI scan at an affordable price (as low as $150-$200).

Don't see your question listed? Search our knowledge base for additional documentation, tutorials and how-tos. You may also chat with us using the purple chat bubble (bottom right) or email us with your question.